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The Administration of the President’s Office in Sanaa, Yemen is in charge of this website. Queries regarding the site such as the administrative works, execution or technical issues should be directed to the site Administration via contact.


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The subjects or topics covered in this site are copyright with the exception of a clear contradicting statements, which are purposely used as information. Several chapters and photos have been delivered by other parties and cannot be duplicated or used without the consent of those corresponding parties.


Downloading documents and files


Documents in this website are predominantly offered as a regular web page which can be seen in a browser or printed and read offline. Certain materials may also be viewed in PDF format.  It is essential for these documents to be copied or downloaded for future reference.

Simply click on the PDF icon or click on the right-hand mouse button (Ctrl click for Macs) on the document’s link and choose “save target as” or “save link as” option and then you may choose where you want the file saved. These copied files can be viewed and/or used freely (such as an email attachment) as often as needed.



The President Website preserves a number of subscribers who have requested to get periodic updates via email. Any email subscriber of the President website has the option to unsubscribe from updates that have yet to come. All subscribers are assured of their privacy as we do not sell, exchange, or otherwise reveal our list to persons, groups or institutions outside the Office of the President.


Guidelines for linking to this website

Linking from other sites which propagates this website are welcome.


Should you wish to generate a link, we appeal that you follow some of the succeeding rules:


  • When linking to the website, please link to the main level pages wherever possible.
  • Deep linking is allowed though it might cause maintenance outlays as the page to which you link may become inaccessible.
  • Where suited to the framework of the link, it is an upright practice to specify the website to which the handler will link.


The precise name of the website is The Official Website of The President of The Republic of Yemen Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi


Note that approval to link to this website is not given if:


  • The requesting site includes a recommendation of the site or certain merchandise.
  • The sole purpose of the requesting site is to use President’s website for purely commercial intentions.
  • The content link is altered technically. (e.g. the content is enclosed and the handlers are incapable of determining the root of the material.)
  • Linking to the site is considered to be an infringement of government protocol or not in the public interest.
  • If you have any questions concerning linking to this website, please contact Website Administration.